Library Branch Needs Assessment Survey


Your California State Library's office has been working with professional associations and legislators to seek ongoing funding to bring public libraries into the 21st century with high-speed broadband Internet connections.

When funding is secured, California's public libraries will join CENIC's CalREN (The California Research & Education Network) as a sixth segment, along with the University of California, the California State University, California's Community Colleges, the vast majority of K12 schools and districts, and independent universities including Stanford, Caltech, USC, and others.

California communities must have access to technology and broadband connectivity through their local libraries so that they may participate in the digital world. In anticipation of ongoing funding becoming available for broadband connections to public libraries, the purpose of this survey is to gather the necessary details needed to make preliminary design decisions.

You may return to complete this survey later without any loss of previously entered information, but you must use the same computer and the same browser to complete the survey or else your previously entered information will not be retained.

A PDF copy of this survey has been created to facilitate your data gathering and can be found here:

For your own convenience, please have your information assembled before beginning.
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