Library Director Interview Evaluation

1. Candidate Name
2. Overall how would you rate this candidate as a match for the SUNYIT/CNSE Library Director position?
3. Comments about the candidate's overall fit as SUNYIT/CNSE Library Director
4. How would you rate the candidate's expertise related to the Library Director position?
5. Comments about candidate's expertise
6. How would you rate the candidate's instructional technology expertise?
7. Comments about the candidate's instructional technology expertise
8. How would you rate the candidate's management expertise?
9. Comments about candidate's management expertise
10. How would you rate the candidate's ideas about future directions for the SUNYIT/CNSE library?
11. Comments about the candidate's ideas for the future of the SUNYIT/CNSE library
12. General Comments
Thank you for investing your valuable time to evaluate the candidate(s) for this position.
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