Waldorf school parent survey

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Please help us by responding to a few questions. Your comments are important to us in our efforts to make our school the best place it can be for all students.
1. Do you believe our school does a good job of helping all students feel safe and belong?
2. If you had a concern about others' behavior toward your
student during the past year
3. If you told a faculty member or administrator about a concern regarding other students' actions toward your child during the past year, how satisfied were you with the school's response?
4. Did faculty members maintain a positive emotional tone with students during the past year?
5. Were expectations and rules about negative student behaviors toward peers clear and specific during the past year?
6. Were the procedures for dealing with negative student behaviors toward peers clear during the past year?
7. Were faculty members consistent in intervening with or reporting negative student behaviors toward peers during the past year?
8. Is there consistent follow through about unacceptable peer to peer behavior??
9. Did faculty members model respectful behavior in their interactions with students during the past year?
10. What programs or practices at our school help all students feel that they belong?
11. What changes would you like to see at our school to build students' sense of belonging?
12. What do you think faculty members should do if students did any of these things?
What should faculty members do?
Exclusion: stopping someone from having friends or participating in an activity.
Choosing not to be someone's friend
Namecalling based on disability
Namecalling based on race or ethnic/religious background
Namecalling based on gender
Namecalling based on family income
Namecalling based on appearance or body shape
Pushing/Shoving/Slapping/Running into other students roughly
Talking negatively behind someone's back
Starting or spreading rumors (true or false)
Indirect use of biased language (that's retarded; that's so gay; etc.)
Swearing at someone
Threatening physical harm
Making faces at people
Negative gestures
Inappropriate touching or grabbing of other students' bodies
Taking things that belong to other students
Cutting other students in line
Namecalling(“You’re mean”; “You’re no good at sports” "You're a snob")
Threatening others with words or actions
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