Thank you for visiting the LEGO® booth at the San Diego Comic-Con!
1. Are you a:
2. If over 18 years old, how would you describe yourself?
3. If applicable, how old is/are the child(ren) attending with you?
4. How did you arrive at this Survey
5. Was the LEGO booth a show destination for you or did you stop in passing by?
6. Based on your experience today, how likely are you to recommend LEGO Event Experiences to your friends and family?
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Please chose one:
7. What was your FAVORITE part of the LEGO booth experience?
8. What was your LEAST favorite part of the LEGO booth experience?
9. Is there anything you would like to tell us about this LEGO event so we can improve it for next time?
10. Prior to attending this LEGO event experience, did you or your child(ren) own any LEGO products?
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