Thank you for supporting the Library Levy! To better serve you and restore services, please provide feedback by filling out this survey. Thank you.

1. Which branch location do you visit? What do you use/or check out from the library? (choose all that apply)
2. How do you rate our collection?
Below AverageAverageExcellent
3. What would you like the library to offer that it does not offer at this time?
4. Are you satisfied with the present hours of business?
5. Would you like to see more computer classes offered? If yes, what would you like?
6. Have you used the reference service or genealogy information at the main library? Were you satisfied with the results?
7. Do you bring your children to babytime, storytime or Summer Reading?
8. Do you attend any adult reading groups?
9. Would you attend adult programs? If Yes, what kind of programs would you attend?
10. Thank you for participating in this survey! If you wish to be contacted please provide name, phone, and/or email.
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