KEA NBCT Registry

Thank You for your Interest!

Thank you for registering to be a part of the KEA NBCT Registry. The NBCT Registry is open to all NBCTs regardless of your membership in KEA. It is the group we will consult and work with on two three-year grants:

1) July 2013 thru June 2016--NBPTS and the William and Melinda Gates Foundation--Redesigning and Building Capacity for National Board Certification in Kentucky. Focused on Congressional Districts 1 and 5.

2) October 2013 thru September 2015--Federal SEED Grant--NBPTS working in partnership with KY EPSB, KDE, KEA, and related stakeholder groups. Focused on entire state, but in conjunction with the other grant.

By registering here, you are indicating that you may interested in serving in some capacity with these projects and/or the National Board candidate work that KEA continues to do.

Thank you again for your interest in becoming a member of the KEA NBCT Registry.