Compassionate Thanksgiving 2013

1. How easy was the online registration process for Compassionate Thanksgiving?
2. Do you feel you received all the information you needed before attending Compassionate Thanksgiving?
3. How quick was the check-in process at the event?
4. Did you volunteer for Compassionate Thanksgiving this year?
5. We are considering continuing to expand Compassionate Thanksgiving, which may mean a slight price increase. Are you in favor of this?
6. We are also considering moving Compassionate Thanksgiving to a more formal venue space. Are you in favor of moving Compassionate Thanksgiving to a different venue next year?
7. Another option we are considering is to have Compassionate Thanksgiving as a catered event, either at a restaurant or a separate venue. This would mean more flexibility for attendees, as well as not having to worry about making a dish, but it would also mean a price increase. Would you be in favor of this change?
8. What improvements could be made to Compassionate Thanksgiving?
9. Overall, what was your favorite part of Compassionate Thanksgiving?
10. How likely are you to attend Compassionate Thanksgiving next year?
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