Mission/Vision Survey

The Oregon State Marine Board (OSMB) is implementing projects to achieve the goals identified in the agency 2011-2016 Strategic Plan. One project is to review our Vision and whether the Mission statement reflects that vision. Your response to this survey will help determine if the current Vision & Mission Statement is still relevant or if it needs to change.

Our Current Mission:
The Marine Board is the state’s boating agency, dedicated to safety, education, and access in an enhanced environment.

Overview of the Oregon State Marine Board:

The Oregon State Marine Board is fully funded through user fees, federal grants and fuel tax dollars. The Marine Board does not receive state or federal general fund (tax) dollars. The Marine Board is a unique agency and the only one of its kind in the country.

The Oregon State Marine Board is responsible for the following:
• Titles and registers over 170,000 watercraft.
• Titles and issues identifying plates for approximately 3,400 floating properties.
• Registers approximately 1,000 Outfitters/Guides and Licenses over 275 Ocean Charter Vessels.
• Establishes statewide boating regulations and contracts with Marine Patrol Services, with 31 county sheriffs and the Oregon State Police to enforce marine laws.
• Provides technical training to marine patrol officers and supplies their equipment.
• Administers the Mandatory Boater Education Program.
• Provide resources to prevent the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species and administers the Prevention Permits Program.
• Administers a voluntary Clean Marina Certification Program and Clean Boater Program.

The Marine Board also:
• Provides grants and engineering services to local governments (cities, counties, park districts and port districts) to develop and maintain accessible boating facilities and protect water quality.
• Provides safety and access information online.
1. What is your age range?
2. What is your gender?
3. What county do you live in?
4. What type/s of watercraft do you use and approximately how many days a year do you use this watercraft?
Number of Days
Registered Motorboat
Outrigger Canoe
Inflatable raft
Inflatable catamaran
Kite board/Wind Surf
Float plane
Registered Drift Boat
Non-Registered Drift Boat
Row Boat
Sail Boat (less than 12ft)
Sail Boat (more than 12ft)
Stand up paddle board
Dragon Boat
PWC (Personal Water Craft)
5. As a boater, what services can the Marine Board provide to enhance your boating experience?
6. Does our current Mission Statement meet your expectations of what the agency should do?
7. Does the agency name “Oregon State Marine Board” reflect your vision of the agency?
8. Does the agency logo reflect your image of the agency? (See the agency logo at the top of this page)
9. Additional comments about the agency?
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