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Do you know someone who is in need of a little help?
A neighbor who needs help installing a new bathtub or a family member who needs to make their home wheelchair accessible?
Kamloops Daily News and Home Hardware want to help.

Nominate someone you know who needs a helping hand by filling out the survey below.
Each month, Home Hardware will select one of the nominated projects, helping to make someone’s life a little easier.

Home Hardware
Home Owners helping homeowners,
Neighbours helping Neighbours!!
1. Your full name.
2. Your contact telephone number.
3. The Nominees' full name.
4. The nominees' contact number.
5. Where does the nominee live? (what subdivision)
6. What is your relationship with the nominee?
7. Why are you nominating this person?
8. What project does this person need help with?
Terms and Conditions
- The renovation/repair that was nominated is the project that will be completed. It cannot be changed unless authorized by KHHBC (Kamloops Home Hardware Building Center).
- There will be eleven $1000.00 renovation/repairs done in the 2013 Calendar Year. One larger $2500 will be awarded in the month of December. This renovation/repair will have a start date of January 2014. The deadline of entry will be on the 25th of each month and a winner will be chosen by the first of the following month.
- The renovation/repair will be commenced on a date agreed upon by both the KHHBC* and the winning nominee. KHHBC* reserves the right to give and end date to which the project can be completed.
- A person can be nominated more than once however a nominee can only be awarded one renovation/repair in the entirety of the Neighbors’ helping neighbors’ campaign.
- Nominees can be entered trough this survey or in store through a KHHBC* team member.
- Neighbors’ helping Neighbors’ renovation/repair campaign is restricted to the city limits of Kamloops BC
- The renovation/ repair include materials and labour up to $1000.00. There is no cash value given.
- KHHBC* reserves the right to visit each nominee in order to determine if the project fits within the guidelines of the Neighbors’ helping Neighbors’ campaign.
- KHHBC* has the right to publish the winners name and a picture in the newspaper.
*Home Hardware reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions without notice.
*KHHBC- Kamloops Home Hardware Building Centre
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