NYC Career Connections 2013 - Alumni Evaluation

1. Career Connections Alumni Evaluation Survey

Survey for participating alumni
1. Name (optional):
On a scale of 1 to 5, please rate the items below:

5 - Excellent, 4 - Very good, 3 - Good, 2 - Fair, 1 - Poor, NA - Not applicable
2. Location? (FIT, Building D, the Great Hall)
3. Time of the event (6:30 PM)
4. Day of the week (Thursday)
5. Time of year (January - students' mid-semester break)
6. Food (sandwiches/wraps)
7. Format of Networking Fair
8. How would you rate the preparedness of the students?
9. How would you rate the information provided to you by the Alumni Office to help prepare you for this event?
10. What did you like about the program?
11. Suggestions for improvement:
12. Suggested names of other NYC-area alumni who may be wiling to participate next year:
13. I may have a space available (conference room, etc.) to host a similar event in the future.
14. Other suggestions for location:
15. I'd like to participate in similar events in the future.
16. I'd like to receive information about SUNY Oswego's Co-op Program.