NYC Career Connections 2013 - Student Evaluation

1. Career Connections Student Evaluation Survey

Survey for participating students
1. Name (optional):
2. Class Year
3. Where did you travel from?
4. For those who do not live in Metropolitan NYC:
How did you get to New York City?:
5. Where did you stay?
6. How did you hear about the program?
On a scale of 1 to 5, please rate the items below:

5 - Excellent, 4 - Very good, 3 - Good, 2 - Fair, 1 - Poor, NA - Not applicable
7. Promotional Mailings/Flyers/E-mails advertising the program
8. Registration Process
9. The confirmation e-mails received after you registered
10. The Informational Session in November at the Campus Center (if you attended)
11. Keynote presentation at the FIT event site by Marcia Thompson-Young '81
12. The Networking Fair at the FIT event site
13. The helpfulness of the alumni at the FIT event site
14. Overall satisfaction with the FIT event site
15. I would attend a similar event in the future:
16. I would recommend this event to other students:
17. What did you like about the program at the FIT event site?
18. Any suggestions for improvements at the FIT event site?
19. Name any alumni you found particularly helpful.
20. Did you attend the Madison Square Garden afternoon session?
21. Did you attend the KPMG accounting firm afternoon session?
22. Did you attend the NBC Universal (The Sports Group) afternoon session?
23. Did you attend the Perry Capital afternoon session?
24. Did you attend the NEP Broadcasting afternoon session?
25. Did you attend the Ruder Finn afternoon session?
26. Did you attend the Kathy Hilton afternoon session?