GAPS Intro

Purpose of Study and Informed Consent

Dr. Campbell-McBride’s GAPS Introduction Diet - A healing detoxification protocol for all ages
Student Name: Jennifer McLaughlin

If you have not already done so, please read the Letter to Study Participants before continuing with the Informed Consent Form and questionnaire.
1. I have read the details presented in the information letter about a research project being conducted by Jennifer McLaughlin at Hawthorn University. This letter has informed me of the purpose of the study.
2. I was informed that if I have any comments, concerns, or questions related to my participation in this research project, I may contact the researcher or the researcher's instructor.
3. I know that I can receive a copy of this consent form and that I may request a final copy of the research study.
4. I have read and understand the conditions and risks above and consent to the participation of my child (if applicable).
5. By beginning the survey, I acknowledge that I have read this information and agree to participate in this research, with the knowledge that I am free to withdraw my participation at any time without penalty.
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