WestVet Emergency & Specialty Center Feedback

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1. My visit to WestVet was on:
Emergency Visit OR
Specialist Consult
2. I saw the following doctor(s) during my visit:
Doctor #1
Doctor #2
Doctor #3
3. Please rate your experience with the following
Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly DisagreeN/A
I was updated consistently and effectively of potential waiting time for my emergency visit or appointment.
The doctor was friendly and courteous and really cared about my pet.
The reception and technician staff were friendly and courteous and really cared about my pet.
The doctor listened closely to what I had to say.
The doctor explained any problems and treatments clearly.
I was updated consistently and appropriately on my pet's condition.
I was updated appropriately on my bill.
The facility was exceptionally clean.
WestVet provides good value for my money.
I will recommend WestVet to my friends and family.
4. There was someone at WestVet that really made my visit special and I would like to thank them specifically:
5. I have a concern and would like to be contacted.
Please leave your name and number or call 375-1600 if the matter is urgent.
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