Requests for Upcoming Trainings

Let the Arizona Department of Education know what would be helpful for you and your district to successfully operate the National School Lunch Program.
1. Meal Service, more detail in:
2. Verification, more detail in:
3. Household Applications, more in detail:
4. I wish ADE would create Web-Based module(s) on:
5. I wish ADE would provide Professional Development training(s) on:
6. Would it be useful for ADE to provide trainings on newly released memos as a Live-Webinar explaining the HNS memos to help SFAs stay up to date on new guidance and allow SFAs to ask questions?
7. The biggest challenge(s) attending training(s) are:
8. Still have something on your mind? Please share with us other training ideas or topics you wish to see in upcoming training schedules.
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