Albertus Magnus College Reunion 2014

1. What is your graduation year and what program did you graduate from?
2. Prior to Reunion, how much of the information that you needed did you receive in a timely manner?
All Most Some None
3. Overall, how would you rate Reunion?
Excellent Very Good Fairly Good Not Good at All I did not attend.
4. What did you enjoy most/ like least about Reunion?
5. In your opinion, how organized was Reunion?
Extremely Organized Very Organized Somewhat Organized Not Organized
6. How friendly and helpful did you find the staff and student volunteers?
Extremely Helpful Very Helpful Somewhat Helpful Not Helpful
7. In your opinion, was Reunion: too short, too long, about right? Were there enough activities offered during the day?
8. Please tell us what you thought about the food served at Reunion.
9. Did you attend any of the enrichment sessions? What did you like/ dislike about the sessions?

Sessions were: Bette Isacoff '68, '13 M.F.A.; Suzanne Palmieri '95; Albertus Faculty Panel; Beer and Cheese presented by Caseus.
10. Is there anything you'd like us to know about your Reunion experience?
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