Talking Money in Your Social Circle: A Do, or a Taboo?

Thank you for choosing to help me with my next FORTUNE column. This survey will take you less than 10 minutes to complete, and your answers will tell me how to best write my column so that it's beneficial to you. I'll personally send you the link to my article when it's done. Thanks again!
1. Please rank the following conversation topics on the level of discomfort you experience, lowest to highest (1-5), when discussing them in your social circles.
1 No Discomfort2345 High Discomfort
2. Now, tell us how you feel discussing money with each of the following groups:
1 No Discomfort2345 High DiscomfortN/A
Your Spouse / Partner
Your Parents
Your Siblings
Your Children
Your Friends
Your Colleagues
3. In general, how often do you avoid having conversations about money?
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