2013 CMS Aug 8 Webinar

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CMS Infection Control Worksheet

Course Faculty
Sue Dill Calloway, RN, MSN, JD, CPHRM, CCMSCP
President, Patient Safety Education and Consulting
Dublin, Ohio

Estimated Time to Complete Course: 1.25 hours

Course Overview
Infection control is a really important issue in 2013 and can cost hospitals money if it is not done right! This program will cover the CMS infection control standards and the CMS revised worksheet on infection control. There are many new areas of focus in the CMS worksheets such as ventilator tracer, urinary catheter tracer, central venous catheter tracer, critical care module, infection control in the OR, and more!

CMS is planning infection control inspections of hospitals so every hospital needs to be sure all staff are familiar with the CMS hospital conditions of participation on infection control. This program will include discussion about the CMS newly revised infection control worksheet. If CMS showed up at your hospital would you know what is in the CMS third revised worksheet on infection control and what they will be asking at your hospital?

CMS received a 50 million grant in the past so surveyors are more knowledgeable about infection control standards. If hospitals do not do this right, they could be financially penalized. CMS will start reporting each hospital’s scores and reduce payments by 1% to hospitals with the highest rate of medical errors and infections starting in 2015. This program will also discuss recent CMS memos on infection control such as the safe injection practices and insulin pen memos.

Joint Commission also focuses on infection control in their 2013 NPSG on MDROs (multi drug resistant organisms), reducing central line infections, reducing catheter associated urinary tract infections and reducing surgical site infections. Both CMS and TJC have issued memos on steam sterilization and flash sterilization (now called immediate use) which will be discussed. Cleaning of glucose meters between patients, single use lancets, cleaning of scopes and laryngoscopes, hand hygiene, single and multi-dose vials are just some of the hot issues being covered during the survey process. Hospitals have to use the CDC system to report central line infections for ICUs. Safe injection practices are also important and hospitals should have a policy to reflect the CDC ten requirements and CMS issued a recent memo on this.

Hospitals need to have good infection control practices in place or face denial of reimbursement. Several of the 29 Never Events are infection control issues and many insurers are trying to put into hospital contracts that the hospital cannot bill for.
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