Floresville Center survey


1. How recent was your visit?
2. What was the purpose for your visit?
3. How did you first learn about the Alamo Colleges Floresville Center?
Alamo Colleges WebsiteA current Alamo Colleges StudentStreet bannerYour local NewspaperYour local Independent School District WebsiteFlyer at a local businessFlyer in your child's backpackFacebookTwitterPresentation at School or Business
I first learned about the Alamo Colleges Floresville Center from:
4. Who referred you to this office?
5. During what part of the admission process did you experience the most difficulties?
6. About the Staff: Please check your level of satisfaction with the customer service you received.
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralDissatisfiedVery DissatisfiedNot Applicable
Courtesy, Friendliness
Prompt Service, Responsive
Issue resolved, Questions Answered
7. What course(s) would you like to see the Alamo Colleges Floresville Center offer in the future?
8. What day/time would you like to have classes offered?
9. Please tell us what we do well.
10. Please tell us how we can improve.
11. If you would like a representative from Alamo Colleges to contact you in reference to any questions on this survey, please let us know by providing your name and the phone number or your email address. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
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