Camp Highlander 2011 Post Survey

1. Post Camp Highlander Survey

We appreciate your attendance at Camp Highlander. In effort to ensure a positive transition to middle school, please complete the survey.
1. Your name: First and Last Name
2. Please rate the following experiences at Camp Highlander.
Strongly AgreeAgreeUndecidedDisagreeStrongly Disagree
I know the location of Highlander Hall.
I know the location of the bus circle and cafeteria.
I know how to properly open a lock for my locker.
I know at least one smart choice strategy.
I learned the importance of time management.
I learned organizational tips I can use when school starts.
I know how to make smart choices about choosing friends.
The sessions were overall helpful to me as a new student.
The teachers were courteous and helpful.
Overall, I would recommend Camp Highlander to incoming six grade students.
3. What was the best part about Camp Highlander?
4. What was the most difficult part about Camp Highlander?
5. What other topics should we include as Camp Highlander classes?
6. List any additional questions or concerns.
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