Rock Island Grand Prix Driver Survey #3

1. Please give us your feedback on the rules:
2. There has been much debate over rules for tires.
3. Please give us your feedback on the number of classes:
4. Please give us your feedback on the schedule
5. Starts: The current process mixes rolling, Formula 1 standing and curb (LeMans) starts
6. What do you think of the track design?
7. Currently the RIGP picks several classes that are presented as "premier" classes each year with driver intros etc. Previously this was done only for King of the Streets.
8. The Rock Island Grand Prix features one of the largest purses in kart racing at more than $25,000. However for smaller classes that purse can be cut in half and pay out less places.
9. Regarding the Sunday night John Deere Awards Ceremony
10. Do you generally visit other attractions in The District?
11. Please give us some feedback on vendors:
There are adequate food vendors in the pit area
There are adequate parts suppliers in the pit area
12. Please rate our race staff and volunteers.
ExcellentGoodFairUnsatisfactoryNo Opinion
Pre-Staging Area
Pitting Friday evening
Pit gates
Tech officials
Race officials
Merchandise staff
Track construction
Transponder team
Awards Ceremony
13. What can the Rock Island Grand Prix do to increase participation by racers?
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