Website Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dear reader:

To help us improve our website and make it as useful as possible, please take a moment to answer 7 brief questions. We thank you for your candid comments.
1. What is your primary reason for visiting our website and how successful were you in accomplishing what you set out to do?
Did not try to do thisNot at all successfulPartially successfulCompletely successful
Looking for news about TB
Reporting TB to the Health Department
Searching for professional education and training resources
Locating treatment guidelines for clinicians
Obtaining medical consultation
Obtaining information about school policies
Requesting a form
Obtaining statistical data
Patient education: finding answers to questions for the public
2. How frequently do you visit our website?
3. Was the information you were looking for easily accessible?
4. Overall, how satisfied are you with our website?
5. Concerning your current employment, are you . . . .
6. How do you expect to use the information from our website?
7. What additional information or features would you like included on our website?
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