Iris Park

The City of Saint Paul has secured funds to make improvements to Iris Park. The funding is specifically tied to enhancing the north end of the park to connect it better to University Avenue, the new station platform and to Episcopal Homes new development on the corner of E. Lynnhurst Avenue and to provide more amenities for the neighborhood. To help guide the design process, please complete this brief survey. Your responses will help Park's design staff understand how the improvements can be designed to best serve the community.
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1. Approximately how far do you LIVE from Iris Park?
2. Approximately how far do you WORK from Iris Park?
3. How often do you visit Iris Park?
4. What are your main reasons for visiting the park currently?
5. In your opinion, what are the elements that the park should accommodate?
Really want to addNice to have but not neededDo not need at all
Ornamental plantings (shrubs, grasses, perennials)
Gathering area (small plaza with seating, tables, etc.)
Shade structure (small gazebo or pergola wtih lighting)
Additional seating through park
Enhanced park entrance
Bike parking
Fountain lighting
Additional paved walkways
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