ISA Laser 4.7 Spring/Summer 2013 Application Form

1. Contact Info

1. Name of Parent or Guardian
2. Name of sailor
3. Address
4. Telephone Number
5. E-mail Address
6. Please fill in the following details on your child
7. I confirm I have read and understood the GUIDELINES FOR SELECTION OF THE ISA Laser 4.7 Squad 2013
8. I confirm that my child will commit to at least 80% attendance of the squad activity
9. I confirm I have travel insurance for my child
10. I confirm I have an E111 for my child.
11. I confirm I have sent a completed copy of the Medical Consent form in with this application.
12. I confirm I have sent a copy of my child's passport
13. I confirm that I have sent €700 to the ISA
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