ILTS Website Survey

Please Tell Us How We're Doing

We are committed to providing high quality testing services for all ILTS examinees, and we regularly monitor the quality of the services we provide. As part of an ongoing improvement process, we would appreciate your feedback on our performance. (All submissions are anonymous.)
1. Please tell us why you visted our website? (Select all that apply)
2. Please rate our website based on its ease of use:
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeither Agree nor DisagreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
I was able to find answers to all of my questions
I was able to complete my transaction quickly
I found the site easy to navigate
3. Overall, based on your most recent visit, how would you rate our website?
4. Have you contacted us via phone or E-mail?
5. Based on your last contact how would you rate the customer service you received?
6. Was your recent contact with us because you could not find an answer to your question on our website?
7. In your opinion, how can we improve our services?
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