Attendee Evaluation - ILM Asia 2011

1. Welcome & Overall Impression

Thank you for attending ILM Asia. This is the first event coproduced by BIA/Kelsey and ADPAI, and the 85th conference by BIA/Kelsey since 1988. These events evolve each year thanks to the direct and honest feedback of all participants. We would sincerely appreciate a few minutes of your time to answer this brief survey, which will help us enhance your conference experience at our next ILM Asia event. Note: Questions with an asterisk (*) require an answer.
1. Please indicate your overall satisfaction with this conference.
SatisfiedSomewhat satisfiedSomewhat dissatisfiedDissatisfiedNA
Registration processes
Helpfulness of event staff
Food and beverage
2. This year we broadened the focus of the annual ADPAI conference from directories to interactive local media and advertising. In the future, which conference would you be most likely to attend?