The Worldwide DB2 User Community - Social Marketing Survey

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1. Contact Information
2. Describe your Job Responsibilities (Select One)
3. Please identify IDUG social media networking or communication channels you currently use.
4. Specify which IDUG LinkedIn groups you are currently a member of
5. How often do you visit IDUG LinkedIn Groups
6. Have you ever contributed to LinkedIn discussions on IDUG Groups ?
7. Please select the IBM DB2 Products you are interested in hearing about from IDUG
8. How satisfied are you with the LinkedIn ...
Please add comment to justify your answer
Very satisfiedAverageNot satisfied
Overall "Discussions"
Opportunity to Network
News Items
9. What would be more useful for you via social networks like Linked-in/Facebook etc
IBM Product Announcements
IDUG Announcements
Case Studies
Regional Group Support
Conference Information
General DB2 Resources
What's On
10. Does access from work allow you to get to ....
11. What news & information would you like to hear about from IDUG Twitter Account ?
12. Please specify what type of information you would like to read about on Facebook
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