Between the Lines Readership Survey

1. How do you generally acquire information about the University Libraries?
AllMostSomeNoneNo opinion
Subject Liaison Librarian
Libraries Website
Campus Emails
Between the Lines e-newsletter
Word of mouth
2. How much of each e-newsletter issue do you read?
3. Between the Lines is delivered partially in an email digest with a link to "read more". Do you...
YesNoNo opinion
typically click on the link to "read more" of a specific article?
explore the Between the Lines blog and read other articles?
prefer all of the e-newsletter content be included in the initial email?
4. Please rate your interest in knowing about the following subjects from the University Libraries:
Very InterestedInterestedSomewhat InterestedNot Interested
Library services
Online resources
Local and regional collections
People at the library
News and events
Stories about engaging with the community
5. Please rate the quality of Between the Lines on the following:
Exceeds expectationsMeets expectationsNeeds improvementNo opinion
Ease of reading
Layout and design
6. Please indicate your agreement or disagreement with this statement: "Between the Lines strengthens my personal connection to the University Libraries"
7. What actions have you taken as a result of reading Between the Lines? (check all that apply)
8. What is it that you like most about Between the Lines?
9. Please suggest any new topics that you wish Between the Lines would cover or any changes or improvements.
10. Please indicate your affiliation with UNLV:
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