Help Ease New Sea Warrior Ohana Members' Transition to HPU

Please take a few minutes to offer your words of wisdom to new HPU families! We sincerely appreciate your time and knowledge. Mahalo!
1. Where would you recommend a parent of an incoming student to stay while visiting Oahu?
2. How would you recommend sending items to the island?
3. Do you think a car is necessary when visiting your HPU student?
4. What is your preferred method of transportation when visiting the island?
5. What should HPU or New Student Orientation have told you that we didn't?
6. What travel tips do you have for mainland and international families?
7. My favorite thing to do on Oahu with my family is:
8. The best piece of advice I've given my student is:
9. Advice I wish I would have given my student:
10. My biggest piece of advice to a new Sea Warrior PARENT is:
11. What did your student do with their belongings over the summer?
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