Group Exercise and Instructional Programs Survey

1. Are you aware that UNO campus recreation offers group exercise classes?
2. Do you take advantage of group exercise classes?
3. If yes, do you participate in the free classes offered or classes with a small fee?
4. If you had to pay for all group exercise classes how much would you be willing to pay?
5. Are you aware that UNO campus recreation offers instructional programs such as golf lessons, martial arts, dance, etc.?
6. Do you take advantage of instructional programs?
7. If yes, which programs do you participate in?
8. Which additional instructional programs would you like to see offered?
9. How much are you willing to pay for these instructional programs?
10. Do you have any feedback relating to group & instructional programs offered by Campus Recreation that you would like to share to help our efforts improve services provided?
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