Audio Materials Survey

1. Do you check out audiobooks or music cd's from Keene Memorial Library
2. If you listen to audiobooks, what do you listen to most (can be more than one):
3. Who are your favorite authors?
4. Would you like Keene Memorial Library to increase the Books on CD collection?
5. What would you like to see in Keene Memorial Library's Books on CD collection?
6. Have you tried the Playaways?
7. Would you be interested in using Playaways if the library had more titles available?
8. Do you download audiobooks from Overdrive and/or OneClick?
9. Do you borrow music from the library?
10. What are some of your favorite artists?
11. Does Keene Memorial Library have the artists and genres you are looking for?
12. Do you know about Freegal, where you can download up to 3 songs a week for free?
13. What would you like to see improved in Keene Memorial Library Audiobook and Music collections?
14. How would you rate Keene Memorial Library's Audiobook and Music collections?
PoorNeeds ImprovementFairGood Good but needs improvementReally EnjoyPerfectI don't use I didn't use, but am going to now that I know
Music CD's
New Titles added
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