2010 Winter Hilltopics Survey

1. Bradley Hilltopics Winter 2010


1. What did you think of the cover of the Winter 2010 issue? Please check all that apply.
2. Did you read ViewPoint (letters to the editor)?
3. Did you read NoteBook (BU news and updates)?
4. What did you think about the Founder's Day award winners?
5. What did you think of "Poet Laureate Speaks to Gold Star Mothers"?
6. Did you read the feature "Cancer Warriors" about Dr. Lynne Jalovec, Eric Brinker, and Dr. Susan Krebs-Smith?
7. What did you think about the feature "Cancer Warriors"?
8. Did you read the feature "Photographer's Life" about travel photojournalists Tom and Michele Grimm?
9. What did you think about the feature "Photographer's Life"?
10. What did you think of "Tunnel Vision Opens Eyes to Oppression"?
11. Did you read SportScene (BU sports news and updates)?
12. Did you read ClassNotes (updates on alumni)?
13. Did you read InMemory (obituaries of alumni, faculty, and staff)?
14. Did you read CampusView about MAP grants?
15. What was your favorite article in the Winter 2010 issue?
16. About how much time do you usually spend reading Bradley Hilltopics?
17. What do you do with your copy of Bradley Hilltopics when you're finished with it?
18. If you save your copy, how long do you generally keep it?
19. I would like to read more about:
20. Do you have any feature story ideas? If so, please list them here.
21. When did you attend Bradley? (if applicable)
22. Age (optional):
23. Gender:
24. State or country of residence:
25. Name (optional):
26. E-mail (optional; this will be used to contact you about story ideas you suggested):
27. Additional comments:
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