HCI Education


Thank you for participating in this survey for the ACM SigCHI special project on HCI education needs.

This survey is grounded in previous research. Between March and August of 2011, exploratory research was conducted with 177 survey participants and 52 interview participants. Data from this exploratory research was iteratively coded to identify overarching themes for further exploration. These themes generated the questions that you will answer below.

The survey is broken down into five sections that are each one page in length. The first section covers traditional and emerging subjects in HCI. The second section covers topics and areas of application. Questions on design research methods and empirical research methods compose the third section. The fourth section lists five challenges to HCI Education that were identified in the exploratory research, and asks you to asses their significance. The fifth and final section deals with demographics.

Survey results will be posted to http://www.sigchi.org/resources/education/2011-education-project-1
and emailed to participants who provide an email address. If you wish to be a further participant in this research, you will have the opportunity to request a follow-up interview at the end of the survey.

Thanks again for your help!

Elizabeth F. Churchill, VP ACM SigCHI
Jenny Preece, Adjunct Chair for Education, ACM SigCHI
Anne Bowser, Research Assistant, ACM SigCHI
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