Proposed Byron Aquatic and Sports Complex Survey

1. The proposed concept has several features. Which would you MOST like to see? Choose two.
2. If features were eliminated to reduce costs, which would you LEAST like to see?
3. Which statement is most true for you?
4. Which statement is most true for you?
5. How likely is it that someone in your immediate family will use the sports complex?
6. This project may cost up to $7 million dollars. I understand this project would increase my property taxes. (i.e. $150K $184/year $15/month... $250K $307/year - $25/month... $350K $430/year - $36/month) Are you ok with that?
7. Other than the 4-pex ball fields, which of the following would you like to see?
8. Which is most true for you?
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