Please answer the following questions regarding  yours and/or your family's use of Glennon Heights Pool

1. How often per summer do you visit the pool?
2. What activities do you participate in at the pool?
3. What prevents you from using the pool more frequently?
4. How important is it to you to have a neighborhood pool?
Very importantSomewhat importantI don't mind either wayNot important
5. Please use the space here to give us any additional information you would like to share about Glennon Heights Pool.
6. Are you male or female?
7. What is your age?
8. How many children currently live in your household?
9. Would you like a copy of the recreation class catalog "Community Connection" mailed to your home? If so, please enter your mailing address.
10. To be entered to win a $50 gift card good for Lakewood recreation programs, arts classes, golf courses and more, please provide your information.
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