Gaming Pub

Market research for a gaming pub

The proposed establishment below would offer PC games
(Starcraft, WOW, TF2, EVE, Portal etc.), console games
(COD, Halo, Far cry 3, Borderlands 2 etc.), Tabletop RPGs
(D&D etc.), alcohol and food all in an atmosphere designed specifically for gamers.
1. Would you frequent an establishment in the Huntsville area that provided all things gaming, alcohol and food in an adult (18+) only gamers atmosphere?
2. What would you consider a fair price per hr for these services considering the computers/consoles, games, internet and all accessories are provided?
3. How many days per week would you frequent this establishment?
4. On average how long would you stay per visit?
5. What hours would you visit? (Check all that apply)
6. If it were open for lunch would you take your lunch hour there?
7. What are some convenient locations for this establishment? (Check all that apply)
8. What games would you be interested in playing?
9. If you had the option of renting out private rooms for your guild/clan/team, at a discounted rate, would you take advantage of this option?
10. If this establishment had BOC (Bring your Own Computer) spaces available at a discounted rate would you use them?
11. If this establishment had a social atmosphere dictated solely to gamers would you frequent this establishment just to socialize?
12. If this establishment held daily/weekly/monthly tournaments for certain games (Starcraft, Halo, COD etc.) would you be interested in participating?
13. If player stats were collected from certain games (Starcraft, Halo, COD) and a ranking system were used to display top players stats in the pub, on a website or Facebook, would you be more or less interested in frequenting this establishment?
14. How would you rate your overall interest in this establishment? (10 being extremely interested)
15. Additional comments, concerns or suggestions?
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