Landscape Survey

Landscapes survey

The PR landscapes is a project initiated by The Global Alliance for Public Relations intended to provide country-specific information that shapes the landscape for practicing communications and public relations in that part of the world.
This survey seeks to refine the usefulness of the landscapes to their audience(s).
1. Which PR Landscapes have you read?
2. What did or do you hope to gain from the information provided in the PR Landscapes?
3. Please indicate your overall impression of the landscapes, with 1 being the best and 5 the worst:
The bestVery goodFairPoorThe worst
Quality of information (depth, accuracy)
Timeliness of information
Quality of writing
Presentation (prose versus spreadsheets with statistics)
4. Is the amount of information provided in the landscapes:
5. Please indicate how important each section of the landscape is to you, with 1 being most important and 5 being least:
The most importantVery importantImportantNot so importantThe least important
Brief history and current state of the PR/communications practice in the country
Communications/PR employment statistics and projections
Level of industry sophistication/professionalism
List of PR/communications firms and orientation
Professional organizations serving the profession
Education programs and institutions with communications/PR programs
Direct or indirect regulations (laws, acts, decrees) that impact the general or specific communications/PR practice(s) in the profiled country
Trade and academic publications published or most used in the selected country
Media environment and level of sophistication/professionalism of journalists
Country’s main cultural celebrations/holidays, idiosyncrasies and/or traditions
Country’s political structure
Country’s economic data and overall business climate
Annotated Web links to think tanks and any other research institution of relevance for the industry
List of references cited and consulted
6. Please indicate how often you would access the following additional functions were they to be added to the PR landscapes.
Crucial featureWould use oftenWould use occasionallyWould use rarelyWould never use
Searchability, so that different countries could be compared along specific parameters
An option to add user comments to supplement the landscape information
7. How can the landscapes be improved?
8. Where are you are located/based?
9. Which of the following best describes your role?
10. Which of the following most closely represents your level and responsibilities?
11. How many years of experience do you have in the communications/public relations profession?
12. Are you willing to be contacted for further research or updates on the PR Landscapes? If so, please provide your information below
13. Any other comments?
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