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TERMS & CONDITIONS: Final decision by McMahon of the winner will be notified by email by year-end 2013 and a check will be mailed at the address supplied. The $500 check cannot be exchanged for cash or vouchers. Contestants must be a US citizen, complete all questions in the survey, and be a GSN subscriber.

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1. Please list the following:
2. Did you feel the content of this Procedural Breakthrough is objective, reliable, current and scientifically relevant?
3. Are you a current user of the da Vinci Surgical System?
4. Based on the information presented within this Procedural Breakthrough you will:
(please check all that apply)
5. What did you find most valuable about this specific Procedural Breakthrough Report? (please check all that apply)
6. What would you want to see more in this specific Robotic Vessel Sealer procedural breakthrough (please check all that apply and/or comment)
7. Would you be interested to receive future Procedural Breakthrough Reports on new advancements in Robotic Surgery?
8. Do you rely on General Surgery News to keep abreast of current clinical information and analysis of the field
9. Do Procedural Breakthroughs influence your decision to use a featured product?
10. How often do you read the Procedural Breakthroughs published in GSN?
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