Does social media effect teens negatively?

1. How often do you log into social media networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.)?
2. Has social media ever made you think of yourself negatively?
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeUndecidedAgreeStrongly Agree
3. How many times have you been bullied online?
4. Has social media increased or decreased your confidence?
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeUndecidedStrongly AgreeAgree
5. When your on social networking sites, how much of your time do you spend posting things about yourself?
To a large extentTo a moderate extentTo some extentTo little extent Not at all
6. Which social media website do you spend the most time on?
7. Do you think you should monitor the amount of time spent on social media?
8. Have you ever read something online about yourself that was not true?
9. Have you ever felt the following after going on social media websites? (circle all that may apply)
10. Have you ever felt like you had to live up to a certain standard because of social media e.g. physically
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeUndecidedStrongly AgreeAgree
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