1. In what age group did your child play?
Age Groups
Choose one
2. Who was your child's coach?
3. Rate the attributes of your coach.
Prompt, Respectful of time
Good Role Model
4. Please respond on your child's coach in each of the following areas
Communicates well with the parents
Communicates positively with the players
Manages the team well on the field
Motivates players to become better players
Plays players equally
Makes soccer fun
5. Respond with your overall satisfaction with the coach.
Did your player become more proficient in the game?
Did your player enjoy the season?
Would your player like to play for this coach again?
Would you to recommend this coach?
6. The programs offered by Sudbury Soccer are all a reflection of our volunteers. Is there anything about your child's coach that we should know, good or bad, that will help us continue to provide your child with the best possible soccer experience?
7. Indicate your thoughts on the SYSA organization.
Does SYSA keep you informed enough about our programs?
Can you find information easily on the website?
Do you feel you can go to any of our coordinators or board members with questions?
Is the level of competition right for a youth sports program?
Would you like to volunteer with the organization?
8. What more could SYSA be doing to improve the experience for your family in our program?
9. Optional - Name and email address
10. Optional - If you would like to discuss any of the above with a SYSA Board member, please provide a phone number.
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