PJ's Coffee of New Orleans Breakfast Items

1. I typically purchase a breakfast item with my coffee.
2. If you replied false to Question 1, why not?
3. I would be more likely to purchase a breakfast item if it was part of a discounted combo package.
4. I would be more likely to purchase a combo package if it contained:
5. If you were to purchase a combo, which package would you prefer?
6. I am satisfied with the breakfast food items selection at PJ's locations.
7. I am satisfied with breakfast items at some PJ's locations over others.
8. If you answered "true" to Question #7, which locations do you feel offer a good selection?
9. When I visit a PJ's location, I choose the following breakfast item:
10. If you answered "fruit" in Question #9, please tell us which type of fruit you would purchase.
11. I am satisfied with the pricing of PJ's breakfast items.
12. I am satisfied with the quality and taste of PJ's breakfast items.
13. If you disagreed to Question #11, why?
14. Please list any breakfast items you would like to be sold at PJ's locations.
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