Dialogues on Freedom Feedback 2013

1. Please provide name, firm, zip code, email address and contact phone number.
2. To which school(s) were you assigned to lead Dialogues on Freedom?
3. Number of classes in which you led or co-led a Dialogue:
4. Briefly describe what LACBA's planning committee did that worked well for you:
5. Suggest something specific that the planning committee might attempt as an improvement to Dialogues on Freedom.
6. Share something you did to engage your class that other volunteers may want to consider doing:
7. Telling others about personal experience with Dialogues is the best way to add volunteers. If LACBA may use your quote in future written materials, please describe your positive experience in one sentence.
8. Will you share your positive personal experience with lawyers and judicial officers you know and bring at least one new volunteer to lead a Dialogue on Freedom in 2014?
9. Suggest something specific that the planning committee might attempt to recruit new attorney volunteers.
10. Please note what might be helpful to add to the training sessions that would assist new participants in future, if anything.
Thank you for leading Dialogues on Freedom and sharing your thoughts with us!
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