Farm Tour Survey

1. Did you view the Real Virginia Virtual Farm Tour online or as part of the live audience?
2. How would you rate the Real Virginia Virtual Farm Tour overall?
GreatGoodAverageNeeds ImprovementWould Not RecommendN/A
3. Which farm tour did you enjoy the most?
4. Would you attend/watch this type of event again?
5. Is there another type of farm you’d like to see if we have a virtual farm tour in the future?
6. Were the panelists’ answers helpful?
7. How would you rate the video quality if viewing online?
GreatGoodAverageSome IssuesThought I was viewing a Picasso paintingN/A
8. Did you have any technical challenges if viewing online?
9. What would you suggest to improve this program?
10. Did you enjoy the venue at the State Fair of Virginia if viewing live?
Great Good Average Needs ImprovementWould Not RecommendN/A
11. Do you have a question you would like to ask?
12. Are you a Farm Bureau member?