SYSA Fall 2013 IM Survey

1. SYSA Intramural Survey

Swampscott Youth Soccer would like to thank you for participating in this survey. We always welcome comments, suggestion and ideas from parents, coaches and players.

Please understand this survey is to gather feedback to gain valuable insight with regards to SYSA’s program. This information will be very helpful as the SYSA Board of Directors continues to work towards improving players, parents and coach’s experiences.

Thank you again for participating. Should you have any questions or want to offer additional feedback, please email any member of the SYSA Board of Directors at their emails addresses listed on the website.
1. Please let us know the league (age group) and team your child(ren) played for:
LeagueTeam Color
Player 1
Player 2
Player 3
Player 4
2. Did your child(ren):
Enjoy playing soccer this season?
Improve their soccer skills?
3. Please answer the following questions:
Was the coach an effective teacher of skills?
Did your child(ren) respond well to their coach?
Was the coach enthusiastic?
Did the coach maintain a safe learning environment.
4. Please add any additional comments, suggestions or ideas you have to improve your child's experience playing soccer:
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