ADC Tools

1. What is your current job role/function?
2. How many years experience do you have in an engineering role?
3. Which end market does your work most closely align with?
4. What Analog to digital converter (ADC) architecture do you use in your main signal chain?
5. For the ADCs you use what sampling rate most closely aligns with this ADC?
6. Do you currently use silicon component models to (tick all that apply)...
7. Is there a desire within your organization to increase the level of simulation on the product, prior to or in parallel with product development?
8. What software development tools do you current use today during product development?
Part 1: Analog Simulation
9. Part 2: IBIS Simulation Tools
10. Part 3: Modeling Tools (tick more than one if relevant)
11. Part 4: Thermal (tick more than one if relevant)
12. Part 5: PCB Schematic Entry/Layout (tick more than one if relevant)
13. Which part of product development is the most resource intensive (i.e. cumulative # hours) (1 = most resource intensive, - 8= least resource intensive)
System Architecture
Analog Hardware design
Digital Hardware design
Board Layout
Firmware Development
Software Development
Product Test/Validation
14. Do you or someone with in your organization currently use IBIS models?
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