Community Family Medicine Residency Alumni Survey 2014

1. How many years ago did you graduate from the Community Family Medicine Residency Program?
2. Please enter the year of your most recent ABFM recertification.
3. Please tell us about your current primary practice location.
4. Please tell us about your current role. Check all that apply.
5. Please tell us about your current employment arrangement. I am employed by a:
6. Please tell us about your primary practice site.
7. Please tell us about the current composition of your primary practice site. (Check all that apply.)
8. Please estimate the percentage of each insurance carrier of the patients under your care.
Self Pay
9. Which of the following do you currently do in your role? (Check all that apply.)
10. Please identify areas in which you feel the Residency could have much better prepared you. (Check all that apply.)
11. Please identify procedures that you perform in your office or hospital. (Check all that apply.)
12. How satisfied are you overall with your Residency training?
13. Comment on any areas you wish you would have received more training during residency.
14. OPTIONAL: Personal Demographics & Information. (Check all that apply.)
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