LLAMA webinar evaluation: "Interviewing Tips to Get a Job"

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1. Approximately how many people participated at your site?
2. Would you recommend this webinar to a colleague?
3. Please rate the presenter on the following criteria.
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Knowledge of subject matter
Enthusiasm for material presented
Ability to answer students' questions
Effectiveness in presenting the webinar
Overall presentation ability
4. Please rate the webinar and its materials on the following criteria.
ExcellentVery GoodGoodFairPoorN/A
Pace of material presented
Number and quality of examples used
Amount of student involvement in webinar
Difficulty of course materials
5. What other topics would you like to see presented as a LLAMA webinar?
6. Additional comments
Thank You!

Thank you for completing this evaluation form. LLAMA will use this data in planning future webinars and other continuing education programs.
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