News Needs and Preferences 2011

Use of Products

Thank you for taking the time to complete the FreePint Survey: News Needs and Preferences for 2011. Please note that your responses will remain *FULLY* anonymous -- neither our editorial team nor any vendors will have the ability to connect responses with individuals/companies.

The questions on this page gather information about your preferences for news content at work.
How important are each of the following to users at your organisation for their news content?
1 - not important234 - extremely important
Translated news
Native language, other than English
Company news
News indexed by internal taxonomy
Video content
Audio content
Newsletter features
Consumer-oriented news
Availability in mobile format
Abstracted news items
Effective online customer service/help
Text-based content
Deep archive
Coverage of non-traditional sources (e.g., social media)
Near real-time
Industry news
General financial news
Sentiment or other meta-analysis
24/7 live customer service
How frequently do you do any of the following at work?
Rarely or neverMonthlyWeeklyDailyMultiple times per day
Search for news in video or audio format
Access news on a smart phone or other mobile device
Deliver news search results to colleagues
Receive a 'news alert' from a news resource based on custom criteria (e.g. search terms)
Search for current news text
Test a new resource for news gathering (free or fee)
Advise colleagues on news resources
Search for archived news text
Other interaction with news content (indicate below)
When you consider a news resource for your organisation, how important are the following factors in a selection?
1 - not important234 - extremely important
Ease of use for end users
Delivery formats
Interactive features (e.g., tagging, rating, etc.)
Direct cost
Integrated sharing/internal publication features
Ability to bill usage to accounts
Availability in mobile format
Integration with internal tools and workflow
Advanced searching capabilities
Customisation options
Ability to monitor usage
Do you integrate any news sources or content into your organisation's intranet?
Does your organisation subscribe to any premium (paid for) resources for any content?
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