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1. Do you customize your preseason rankings and weekly cheat sheets found here: http://www.fftoolbox.com/football/2011/cheatsheets.cfm#customize
2. Do any of your leagues use the following scoring options and would it help to consider these options in the customized rankings?
Would be very helpful to have considered/calculated in rankings.I use this scoring system, but adding it wouldn't matter.I use this scoring system, but having it calculated would actually NOT be helpful for me.I don't use this scoring system.
QB sack penalty
300+ passing yard bonus
100+ rushing yard bonus
100+ receiving yard bonus
Team defense points scored
Team defense yards scored
Individual defensive players "tackles for loss" scored
3. What do you think about following features?
"MyFFToolbox" - dashboard of player news based on your team's roster.
"Rate my Team" - upload your roster and allow other FFToolbox users to provide feedback.
"Head to Head Report" - compare your team to other teams in your league and predict points and winner
"Trade Evaluator" - Compare two players during the season to help decide if the trade is a good idea.
4. Please rate FFToolbox
Terrible, FFToolbox missed the mark.It's OK, but not as good as other fantasy sports sitesNo opinionIt's good, better than other sites but not the bestBest of all fantasy sports sitesN/A
Pre-season rankings
Weekly rankings
Fresh content
Helps me win my league
5. What other features do you want from FFToolbox?
Thank you for taking the time to improve what we offer at FFToolbox. If you have any questions or concerns about this survey, please email becky@fftoolbox.com

Thanks again!
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