FES for Librarians

Thank you for taking a few moments to give your feedback on a recent library instruction session. We particularly value your comments on what we are doing well and on how we can improve.

Please note that we have an ethical obligation to keep your identity anonymous. An independent data analyst must remove any identification information. Therefore, please do not provide identifying information in the comment section.
The name of the Librarian being evaluated
Type of class session
What is the date of the class or workshop?
Based on your own experiences, rate the faculty member on the quality of his/her performance
UnacceptableMinimally AcceptableAcceptableMore than AcceptableExceptional
1. The librarian displayed an in-depth knowledge of the presentation material.
2. The librarian used examples that enhanced the material being presented.
3. The content of the presentation was well-organized.
4. The librarian presented clear learning objectives/goals at the beginning of the presentation.
5. The material presented matched the stated learning objectives.
6. The librarian was enthusiastic about the topic.
7. The librarian was able to answer questions about the material presented.
8. The resources provided were useful for my own library research.
9. In general this was an effective presentation.