Assessment of tobacco use on college campus

1) Title of Research Study: Assessing the level of support towards a Tobacco-free College campus

2) Investigator: PI - Dr. Michael Hall, Co-Investigator- Jamala Patterson

3) Purpose: The purpose of this research study is to examine the level of support of tobacco use on the college campuses of Florida Atlantic University. The findings of this study may be presented to advocate for the adoption of a smoke-free campus policy.

4) Procedures: To participate in this study, you will complete a 36-item survey on attitudes towards tobacco free policies and tobacco use behaviors. The survey contains “skip logic” which may shorten the length of the survey depending on how a participant responds. The survey will take about 5-10 minutes to complete. You will be asked to answer questions about your experience with secondhand smoke, tobacco use and campus policies, and other demographic data (such as, race, age, gender, etc.) You may skip any question that makes you uncomfortable by using the skip button.

5) Risks:
The risks involved with participation in this study are no more than you would experience in regular daily activities. It is unlikely you will experience any harm or discomfort. The survey data collected does not contain any personal identifiers; therefore, the risk of identifying participants is minimal.

Some people’s opinion is that the discussion of tobacco use behaviors and policy is offensive. If you do not wish to participate, please know this is a voluntary study. Should you wish to discuss these stressors, please contact:

Florida Atlantic University
Counseling & Psychological Services
Student Services Building (SSB #8), Room 229
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL. 33431

(Located on the 2nd floor above the Breezeway Cafeteria)

Phone: (561) 297-3540
Office Hours:
Monday and Thursday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

6) Benefits:
The potential benefits you may receive from participation include contributing your views and self-reported tobacco attitudes and behaviors; and a greater knowledge of these health behaviors affecting the college population

7) Data Collection & Storage:
Your data will be submitted to an offsite server using a secure, encrypted website. Only the
researchers working with the study will see your data. All data provided will be kept confidential,
unless required by law. We will make every attempt to keep your data secure to the extent
permitted by the technology. However, no guarantees can be made regarding the interception of
data sent via the Internet by any third parties. Stored data will be deleted from the server and
any computers used in this study 3 years after the study is completed.

8) Contact Information:
For related problems or questions regarding your rights as a research subject, contact the
Florida Atlantic University Division of Research at (561) 297-0777. For other questions about
the study, you should call the principal investigator Dr. Michael Hall at (561)297-2420.

1. I have read the information describing this study. All my questions have been answered to my satisfaction. I am 18 years of age or older and freely consent to participate. I understand that I am free to withdraw from this study at any time without penalty. I have printed a copy of this consent form for my records. By clicking the “I consent” button below, I am giving my consent to participate in this research study.